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By The Brexiteers, Jul 27 2019 12:31PM

Dodgy Nick Claimed close to £113,000 in expenses despite receiving a huge salary from the social media giant Facebook.

The former Liberal Democrat leader and deputy Prime Minster who stitched up students and lied to voters in the EU referendum, saying ‘The idea of an EU army was a dangerous fantasy’ claimed nearly £113,000 in the same year he joined Facebook.

The former deputy Prime Minister now lives in a luxury £7million home in California. Its emerged he has still been claiming the “public duty cost allowance” normally only given to ex-PMs for running an office.

Cabinet Office accounts show he claimed almost the maximum £115,000 allowed in 2018/19, during which he spent his first five months as a Facebook vice-president.

Last night conservative MP Nigel Evans said: “What a snout, what a trough. But we are paying. It is a complete disgrace.”

The ex-Lib Dem leader, who helped oversee austerity in the coalition, and lied to voters during the EU referendum claiming that ‘an EU army was a dangerous fantasy’ reportedly gets a seven-figure salary from the social media giant.

The Cabinet Office said it was told by him around the time he took the Facebook job that it would be the final year in which he would draw from the fund.

By The Brexiteers, Jul 25 2019 08:46PM

France says its fishermen can't be banned from UK waters after Brexit

With reference to Boris Johnson’s promise to take the UK out of the EU on October 31st with ‘No IF’s OR BUT’S’ Mr Guillaume told a French television channel (Cnews) its possible that with Boris we will have a HARD BREXIT. ‘What matters most, in my industry is that French fisherman still have access to UK waters even after Brexit.’

“There is no reason for it. And on that point, I really want to fight. So I will keep telling Britain that our fishermen must be allowed to keep fishing in UK waters.”

A UK exit with no deal in place would automatically bar British boats from entering EU waters and EU boats from fishing off the British coast.

However Boris is sending the strongest message yet to the EU, that he will be taking a much stronger approach to negotiating Brexit than his predecessor arch Remoaner Theresa May who kept the UK in the EU for the past 3 years.

By The Brexiteers, Jul 25 2019 02:40PM

We spoke with Richard Braine the chairman of UKIP’s West London branch and a strong candidate for the leadership of the Party.

We asked. Is UKIP still relevant?

Mr Braine told me that UKIP have been campaigning for BREXIT for 27 years and it was the hard work of its members’ that put Farage where he is and without UKIP the referendum would never have happened. He said UKIP will continue the fight for BREXIT.

Braine UKIP have a good future, and we need to get our message out there, it’s more than just about independence from the EU, there are many things Britain needs its independence from. There are a lot of dangerous forces in the world, we are seeing the rise of Socialism and Marxism raising its head again in the west and we certainly need to stop that!

UK Independence Party is also about independence of thought, and UKIP will fight for freedom of speech.

Braine said was upset by the decision UKIP’s NEC made to BLOCK Gerard Batten from standing in the forthcoming leadership election, and vows to make Mr Batten his deputy leader if he is successful in becoming leader.

For the full interview click link

Who is Richard Braine? Click Here

By The Brexiteers, Jul 25 2019 01:12PM

BORIS JOHNSON has promised to deliver for the people in his first cabinet meeting as Prime Minister in the House of Commons today.

The new Tory leader Prime Minister said that his team will get on delivering a fantastic new agenda for the country, despite criticism from former Tory ministers (REMOANERS) who are Anti-Mr Boris, Anti-Brexit. One former (REMOAMER) minister said that Brexit looked like it would now mean a no-deal and that the new appointments are Theresa May's 'Brexit means Brexit' promise on steroids.

Remain backing ministers such as Amber Rudd have had to sign up to Mr Johnson’s hard-line approach to stay in their positions as he confirmed the UK would leave the EU at the end of October in his first speech as the UK’s new leader.

The Prime Minister will also made his first statement to the House of Commons this afternoon where he revealed details about his proposed Brexit approach.

They included not putting forward a British EU commissioner in a bid to convince Brussels Britain was on its way out by October 31.

By The Brexiteers, Jul 3 2019 09:02PM

NIGEL FARAGE revealed what he believes to be the EU’s next plot to force the UK to Remain in the EU through the use of a no deal Brexit.

The Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage announced that he believed the EU was planning to use a no deal Brexit to their advantage in hopes it brings down the UK government. He explained that he lacks confidence in both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt sticking to their Brexit promise. The devoted Brexiteer concluded that the EU’s plot would end with either a general election for the UK or a second referendum.

While speaking to LBC caller Tony, Mr Farage said: “If the Tory leadership winner said right, I’m not mucking about this time.

“We are leaving on the 31st of October and we mean it, we are putting everything in place to do that.

“Do you think in those circumstances that the EU would come and talk to us?

The caller agreed replied: “Yes, they might talk to us if they know that the half of Parliament is going to back what the Prime Minister would say.

“This is because they know that they would go back and stop it so they would never ever change it.”

Nigel Farage responded: “Tony I think if a British Prime Minister was to say we are leaving on the 31st of October with no deal.

“I think the European Commission and others here would bargain: Okay, this is good because this may bring the government down.

“And it may force either a general election or a second referendum.

“What they want here, they want the Brits to have a second referendum.

“This is because they think, just like Denmark years ago and Ireland not long ago, they think in a second referendum we would vote to say.

During his LBC show, Mr Farage also asked listeners for their opinion on his protest against the EU Parliament where he and Brexit Party MEP’s turned their backs on their colleagues

Some callers insisted that it was a “childish move” and detrimental where others argued that the UK should have left the EU already and we should turn our back on the European Union.”

The Brexit Party has come under criticism from political commentators like LBC’s Iain Dale for deciding to turn their backs on their colleagues in the opening session of European Parliament on Tuesday.

The Liberal Democrats also faced condemnation for their decision to wear “Bollocks to Brexit” T-shirts to Parliament.

Mr Farage has defended his party’s actions insisting that he does not recognise the nation of Europe but rather Europe as individual States.

By The Brexiteers, Jan 23 2019 07:57AM

There have been more than half a dozen attempts to derail the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union by Labour and Tory MPs. They include demands for leaving with no deal (Real Brexit) to be ruled out, delaying exit day and giving MPs the chance to force a second referendum. And Remoaners want control over parliamentary business to allow them to make fresh demands just days before the UK is due to leave on March 29.

Former Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith said the plotting Remainers were “living in cloud cuckoo land”.

He said: "I have a very simple formula for this, which is if you really support this constitutional nonsense of allowing a backbench group to take over the business and run legislation at the Government, if the Labour Party agrees to support that they have to think carefully what would happen if they were in power and they did not have a massive majority.

"This opens the door to mayhem in the Commons and I promise you those who think that the House of Commons could act as a government negotiating a trade deal are living in cloud cuckoo land."

MPs were able to set out rival plans to change the next steps in the Brexit process after Theresa May suffered a historic defeat on her EU not really leaving deal last week and was forced to come back to the Commons with a motion outlining her Plan B.

Chief plotter Dominic Grieve tabled an amendment to it that would allow MPs to take control of Parliamentary business for six full days, including on March 23.

It would allow Remoaners to launch a last minute bid to delay Brexit.

Former Tory ministers Justine Greening and Sam Gymiah, Phillip Lee, Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston backed the move along with senior Labour figures.

Mr Grieve said that while his plan would not legally bind the government “historically it would be very unusual” if it failed to act on anything that was agreed.

Well we have a message to all those MP’s trying to block Brexit, if Brexit is stopped we will bring this country to a standstill.

By The Brexiteers, Nov 28 2018 02:19PM

Sources close to Michael Gove claim the government are planning a second referendum calling it a “meaningful vote”.

Theresa May is apparently deliberately sabotaging Brexit in order to bring about a second referendum, sources close to turn-coat Gove claim the government are set to turn-up project fear full volume, preparing for a second referendum if May’s Brexit deal is stopped.

The Government’s new propaganda ‘BrexitDealExplained’ website has been pushed on social media with paid video and other adverts on Google search, Facebook and Twitter.

The Environment Secretary, one of the key figures in the Vote Leave campaign in the 2016 EU referendum, is expected to appear on the BBC’s flagship Andrew Marr Show this weekend.

Gove has done no media interviews since the PM struck her agreement with Brussels, but whips believe he could provide the ‘intellectual heft’ needed to persuade wavering MPs.

His decision to stay in the Government two weeks ago, following the resignation of Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, prevented a mass walk-out of the Cabinet that could have hastened May’s political demise.

With just two weeks in which to avoid a catastrophic defeat on her most important policy, the PM is relying on strong backing from the entire Cabinet as she tries to pull out all the stops to swing public and party opinion in her favour.

Theresa May's team are said to be offering rebel MPs peerages and other sweeteners in a bid to buy votes to get her Brexit deal through or back a meaningful vote.

By The Brexiteers, Oct 6 2018 10:03AM

The Far-Left extremist from Utah, USA, who staged a botched ricin poison attack against a number of top US officials, including President Trump, claimed he has also sent toxins to foreign leaders, including Putin, HRH Queen Elizabeth, court documents show.

William Clyde Allen, who was caught mailing a biological toxin to Donald Trump, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Adm. John Richardson, also sent letters containing ground pieces of castor beans, from which the ricin poison is derived, to Queen Elizabeth and the Russian president Putin.

The Far-Left extremist “further bragged he had sent other letters with the same contents to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Queen of England, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the Secretary of the Air Force (whose name he did not recall),” a 10-page court document filed on Friday revealed.

On Friday, Allen was ordered by the US District Court Judge to remain in custody amid ongoing legal proceedings. The accused is expected appear before the grand jury on October 15, where additional charges might be brought. Shocked by the decision, the suspect reportedly began to cry. Allen was already convicted of attempted aggravated assault in 2008 and two counts of child abuse in 2005.

“Far-Left extremism is as bigger danger as radical Islam” – David Poulden UKIP @DavidPoulden

By The Brexiteers, Jun 7 2018 07:47AM

The shadow Brexit Secretary, made the admission on a day when a shadow cabinet colleague contradicted him over whether EU free movement will continue after we leave the EU.

Sir Keir was trying to explain how he had come up with a policy that betrayed the Brexit majority by keeping the UK tied to Brussels rule after Leaving the EU but had simultaneously infuriated hard-line Remoaners in his own party.

The plans to effectively keep Britain in the EU’s single market as well as customs union through an amendment to the Withdrawal Bill is believed to be Labour’s 15th Brexit position since Jeremy Corbyn became leader.

And the row over the new policy came as Mr Corbyn hinted at another U-turn by twice refusing to rule out backing a second EU referendum to overturn the result in 2016 during Prime Minister’s questions.

And the row over the new policy came as Mr Corbyn hinted at another U-turn by twice refusing to rule out backing a second EU referendum to overturn the result in 2016 during Prime Minister’s questions.

“The only party we can trust to deliver Brexit is UKIP, they’re the only party that aren’t divided by Brexit and if it wasn’t for UKIP we wouldn’t have had a referendum”. - David Poulden UKIP

By The Brexiteers, Jun 7 2018 07:14AM

A woman has been jailed for funding her husband’s terrorist activities in Syria.

Labour voter Khranjit Nijjer, (23.02.86), formerly of E16, now of South East London, was sentenced yesterday, 6 June at Woolwich Crown Court to five years, three months' imprisonment.

She previously pleaded guilty to two counts of funding terrorism, contrary to section 17(3) of the Terrorism Act 2000

Nijjer was arrested in August 2016 as part of an investigation by the National Terrorism Financial Investigation Unit (NTFIU), within the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.

The NTFIU investigation was centred on payments from the UK made to individuals suspected of carrying out terrorist activity in Syria in support of the Daesh regime.

Officers traced a payment of £1,500 that was made in January 2015 to Nijjer’s husband – an individual whom they believed was fighting for Daesh. The payment was made by a London-based man, but when officers spoke to him, he explained that he had been asked by Nijjer – who was an old college friend – to make the payment on her behalf.

Detectives subsequently arrested Nijjer at her home address in August 2016 and seized her computer and multimedia devices. Initially, although she admitted sending the money to her husband who had travelled to Turkey in 2014, Nijjer denied that she was aware of his terrorist activities in Syria.

However, when officers examined her multimedia devices they found conversation logs between the pair with reference to him supporting Daesh and images of her husband holding an AK47 rifle – contradicting Nijjer’s account that she didn’t know about her husband’s links to the terrorist group.

Further enquiries revealed that in July 2015, her husband had also asked Nijjer to purchase and send him various items, including chargers, solar panels, battery packs and clothing – all of which would help to support him carrying out his terrorist activity in Syria.

When detectives made further enquiries into her online shopping accounts, they showed Nijjer had purchased these items as requested.

A number of other money transfers were identified and officers found that a total of £5,500 had been sent by Nijjer to her husband between January 2015 and August 2015, by which time she was fully aware of his links to Daesh.

Nijjer was charged in November 2017 with two counts of funding terrorism (one in relation to the cash transfers and one in relation to the purchased items) and she subsequently pleaded guilty to the offences in April 2018.

Detective Chief Superintendent Alexis Boon from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command said: “Whilst she initially tried to deny she was funding her husband’s terrorist activity, the evidence that the investigation team pieced together meant that ultimately, she was left with little option but to plead guilty to the offences.

“The work of the National Terrorism Financial Investigation Unit is extremely important as it works to identify and cut off the supply of resources and funding to organised terrorist groups and those supporting them.

“Anyone involved in this kind of funding activity can expect to be investigated, arrested and brought to justice, just as Nijjer has in this case.

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