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By The Brexiteers, Jul 27 2019 12:31PM

Dodgy Nick Claimed close to £113,000 in expenses despite receiving a huge salary from the social media giant Facebook.

The former Liberal Democrat leader and deputy Prime Minster who stitched up students and lied to voters in the EU referendum, saying ‘The idea of an EU army was a dangerous fantasy’ claimed nearly £113,000 in the same year he joined Facebook.

The former deputy Prime Minister now lives in a luxury £7million home in California. Its emerged he has still been claiming the “public duty cost allowance” normally only given to ex-PMs for running an office.

Cabinet Office accounts show he claimed almost the maximum £115,000 allowed in 2018/19, during which he spent his first five months as a Facebook vice-president.

Last night conservative MP Nigel Evans said: “What a snout, what a trough. But we are paying. It is a complete disgrace.”

The ex-Lib Dem leader, who helped oversee austerity in the coalition, and lied to voters during the EU referendum claiming that ‘an EU army was a dangerous fantasy’ reportedly gets a seven-figure salary from the social media giant.

The Cabinet Office said it was told by him around the time he took the Facebook job that it would be the final year in which he would draw from the fund.

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