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By The Brexiteers, Jul 25 2019 02:40PM

We spoke with Richard Braine the chairman of UKIP’s West London branch and a strong candidate for the leadership of the Party.

We asked. Is UKIP still relevant?

Mr Braine told me that UKIP have been campaigning for BREXIT for 27 years and it was the hard work of its members’ that put Farage where he is and without UKIP the referendum would never have happened. He said UKIP will continue the fight for BREXIT.

Braine UKIP have a good future, and we need to get our message out there, it’s more than just about independence from the EU, there are many things Britain needs its independence from. There are a lot of dangerous forces in the world, we are seeing the rise of Socialism and Marxism raising its head again in the west and we certainly need to stop that!

UK Independence Party is also about independence of thought, and UKIP will fight for freedom of speech.

Braine said was upset by the decision UKIP’s NEC made to BLOCK Gerard Batten from standing in the forthcoming leadership election, and vows to make Mr Batten his deputy leader if he is successful in becoming leader.

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