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By The Brexiteers, Oct 6 2018 10:03AM

The Far-Left extremist from Utah, USA, who staged a botched ricin poison attack against a number of top US officials, including President Trump, claimed he has also sent toxins to foreign leaders, including Putin, HRH Queen Elizabeth, court documents show.

William Clyde Allen, who was caught mailing a biological toxin to Donald Trump, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Adm. John Richardson, also sent letters containing ground pieces of castor beans, from which the ricin poison is derived, to Queen Elizabeth and the Russian president Putin.

The Far-Left extremist “further bragged he had sent other letters with the same contents to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Queen of England, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the Secretary of the Air Force (whose name he did not recall),” a 10-page court document filed on Friday revealed.

On Friday, Allen was ordered by the US District Court Judge to remain in custody amid ongoing legal proceedings. The accused is expected appear before the grand jury on October 15, where additional charges might be brought. Shocked by the decision, the suspect reportedly began to cry. Allen was already convicted of attempted aggravated assault in 2008 and two counts of child abuse in 2005.

“Far-Left extremism is as bigger danger as radical Islam” – David Poulden UKIP @DavidPoulden

By The Brexiteers, May 24 2018 05:31AM

The Times of Israel reports: As Jerusalem basked in tight-knit ties with Washington, a senior EU official was said on Tuesday to have recently warned Israel not to “disparage” the EU, adding that US President Donald Trump’s legacy could be scaled back just as quickly as that of his predecessor Barack Obama.

“Trump won’t be president forever,” Hadashot TV on Tuesday quoted the unnamed official as saying during a recent visit to Israel. “Just like nobody imagined that the Obama legacy would be erased so quickly, it can happen to the other side,” the source added.

“You shouldn’t disparage Europe. Look at the numbers: We are still your biggest trade partners. You don’t understand that we are under immense public pressure against Israel,” the senior official added.

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By The Brexiteers, Jul 18 2017 06:18AM

Sadiq Khan claims London wont roll out the red carpet for the Donald.

The Mayor of London who has close ties with Islamic extremists, claims that there will be 'no red carpet' should he visit the United Kingdom.

Theresa May had officially invited Trump to the UK in January but the trip was left out of the Queen's Speech last month, ending hopes it would happen this year.

Despite an invite from the UK government, both sides have failed to arrange a date amid reports that Mr Trump has been put off by the threat of large-scale protests, by Far-Left and Islamic extremists.

By The Brexiteers, Jul 11 2017 10:45AM

Donald Trump's state visit will take place 'next year'

That’s what government sources are briefing, though the Donald could make an unofficial visit before then.

It seems large-scale protests, petitions and opposition in Parliament, by the far-left are not enough to stop President Trump visiting the UK to make the USA and UK relationship great again…

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